About The Team


Dr. Amit Sen
Senior Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
MD, MRCPsych, CCST in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

As a child, Dr. Sen started by wanting to become a bus driver, changed to a doctor at an epiphanous moment, was driven to become a footballer through adolescent years, dreamt of being a rock star during medical college days till he realized that he had no talent for it, and finally reconciled to become a doctor after all. After finishing medicine from AFMC Pune, he went to NIMHANS Bangalore for an MD in Psychiatry and had a blast for the next 3 years. A longish stint in Newcastle UK made him serious about life and proud of his country. Besides growing his family, he managed to get another 2 qualifications, one of them being in child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr Sen has been practicing child psychiatry for 15 years. He proudly  believes that he has ADHD. Working with children, the football and rock music, dreams and aspirations, have all come together for him. Through the myriads of magical and fulfilling experiences, Dr Sen feels that he has developed empathy over the years and can connect to children and their families. In doing so, he hopes to make a difference, however little, in their lives.

Dr. Shelja Sen
Child & Adolescent Psychologist & Family Therapist
MPhil & DclinPsych

Shelja is a child & adolescent psychologist, family therapist and mother of two vibrant children. Loves children, mountains, sun, beaches, trees, wild life, music, movies, dancing, books and writing. Shelja aligns herself with practices that are competency based, create richer narratives and respect human dignity. She is passionate about education and collaborating with schools to build emotionally safe zones for children and centers for creative learning.

Dr. Kavita Arora
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
MBBS, MD(Psy) , CCST (Psy, UK)
Kavita loves to connect with children and young people. She loves the ‘web’, reading, movies, travelling , photography and a good joke :) She is of the firm belief that youngsters today are far smarter and quicker to learn and evolve than previous generations! She attempts to create spaces where understanding, respect and open communication about different ways of being can be attempted. One of her primary areas of focus is to raise awareness about the hidden problems of the young in India today.


Lavina Nanda
Developmental Psychologist

Lavina feels blessed that she can make some of her loved interests like toys, stories, music, art, jumping and laughing, a part of her work. While she feels development and healing is a life long process, she also believes in the magic of ‘early intervention’. Through her work, she hopes to create safe zones for children, young people and parents to explore their strengths and work on their difficulties. She enjoys travelling and has an appetite to experiment with everything edible!

Ankita Khanna
Consultant Counselling Psychologist     Head - Clinical Services & Schools That Care Program 

Ankita is a counselling psychologist whose most-loved interests include children, books, writing, travel and dogs. She loves to engage with the magical, and often misunderstood, narratives of children and adolescents, and aspires to create ‘safe spaces’ for their voices to be heard. Her work currently involves individual and group work with young people and their families, cognitive assessments, and training for schools, professionals and communities.  She is also a certified arts based therapist.

Manish Samnani
Consultant Occupational Therapist

Manish is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist trained in Sensory Integration from the University of Southern California, USA. He likes working with children and families, helping them find hands-on solutions and strategies for their day to day concerns. He has also been associated with training professionals, teaching & research at Delhi University, Hamdard & Indraprastha University. He loves playing with children, socializing, and drinking coke!

Jonaki Arora

Jonaki loves working with children and enjoys their company more than adults! Through her work as a psychologist she hopes to connect with children, and help them find a safe space to share their difficulties and explore their strengths. She has done her Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology from Monash University, Australia. Jonaki loves to laugh, read, travel, eat and play.

Soumini Menon
Developmental Psychologist
Soumini is  a Psychologist at Children First. A self-confessed shopaholic, she is a trained dancer and has acted in various stage plays. On the professional front, she has done her graduation from Delhi University, India; and post graduation from Essex University, UK.  Over the years, Soumini has been ardently working and researching  in the area of developmental disorders. At Children first, she is involved in the early intervention program for children with ASD and  developmental disorders.


Ritu Shree
Psychologist, Expressive Art Therapist

Ritu is an explorer, tree lover, dancer, scrap artist, storyteller, yogi, and a student for life. She finds herself most embodied when she is playing, creating, imagining, and simply improvising with children. She pursued her Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Delhi and then went on to do Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Antioch University, New England, USA. She believes in simple yet creative ways to bring about positive emotional, social, and cognitive changes in children and their families.

 Noor Us Sehar
Occupational Therapist
Noor is an artist, a writer and an Occupational Therapist, graduated from IPH, University of Delhi. She loves reading books, trying new forms of arts & crafts and helping kids learn through fun-filled therapeutic activities. She does assessments, works with the younger kids in the developmental center and totally believes that kids teach you a lot more than anything else. In her words, each child has its own rainbow which they carry with them and given the optimum conditions and space every child is certainly capable to brighten up the world with their vibrant colors. 


Kimneithem Touthang
Occupational Therapist

Kim is an Occupational Therapist. She didn't expect she would enjoy her work this much, until she realized that working with little ones adds joy and happiness in her life. She shops whenever she gets bored and lonely. Creating tiny accessories out of wook, and cloth pieces is her passion. She has a keen interest in music and musical instruments.


  Nayantara Kansal
Developmental Psychologist

Nayantara is a Developmental Psychologist. 

Meenakshi Gupta
Occupational Therapist

Meenakshi firmly believes in hard work and unity. She is creative and always wants to serve a child with utmost dedication and to the best of her capabilities. She loves poetry, and listening to music.

She is an Occupational therapist and completed her Bachelors from University of Delhi. She feels that these special children are beautiful gems and need to be preserved so that they will not loose their shine and will always sparkle.


Niharika Kaul Bhattacharya
Counselling Psychologist

Niharika is a counselling psychologist and absoluetely loves working with children and young adults. She has a postgraduate degree in counselling psychology, with a specialisaton in educational psychology. Niharika's passion lies in cogntivie and psychoeducational assessments. Niharika is also a college counselor and has done a course in college counselling from Oxfird University. Niharika loves books, photography, travel and dogs!


Sandra Jose
Counselling Psychologist

Sandra is a counselling psychologist. She not only loves being aorund children but is also passionate about working with them. Her zeal and inclination towards using different art forms in therapeutic work with children has motivated and driven her to pursue a course in Arts-based Therapy. She enjoys shopping, Bollywood music, drama and theatre and is secretly ambitious about doing theatre performance on stage some day!


Puroitree Majumdar 
Clinical Psychologist 

Puroitree is a Clinical Psychologist by day, a wanderlust being by night. She loves reading and trying out new craft methods.Through her work, she hopes to create a space where children are more understood and can grow up to be their best. 

Puroitree has a keen interest in neuropsychology and sexuality as well. 

Swarnima Bhargava
Clinical Psychologist

Swarnima is a clinical psychologist who believes in supporting the strengths and agency of each child by exploring and working with their narratives.  She loves to read books and watch movies and shows. Other interests include writing poetry and playing with animals of all shapes and sizes. Swarnima is involved with individual and group work with children and with carrying out cognitive assessments and working with schools to create richer narratives for children.  

Kanika Goyal
Occupational Therapist

Kanika is a fun-loving, joyful, compassionate and courageous girl. She loves to be around children and feels very happy about working with them as an Occupational therapist. She connects with the pure and little hearts and tries to bring out the best in them. She is very passionate for her work and concerned for people in her family and surroundings. She tends to make everyone around her very comfortable. She has worked with children of different age group and in different clinical and school settings and feels content when they respond positively.


Rashi Patial
Occupational Therapist

Rashi is an occupational therapist. She has done her Bachelor's degree in occupational therapy from University of Delhi. She loves to work with kids as she feels that she can easily make bonds with them. She is very lively in nature and happy to make others happy. She is friendly in nature and loves to make new friends. Professionally, she is hard working and takes a keen interest in learning. She loves to talk, travel, and dance. And yes, she's a picky eater!

Tanvi Sehgal
Developmental Psychologist 

Tanvi is a developmental psychologist

Sheeba Parveen
Occupational Therapist

Sheeba is an occupational therapist who completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics) from Jamia Hamdard University. She firmly believes she has a "Special" connect with children as everyone has a child inside them. An optimist and believer in teamwork, she thinks if you are an occupational therapist you should possess these characteristics. She loves to read, travel and talk and also liked to indulge herself in pious activities because she believes life is a journey from ALMIGHTY to ALMIGHTY. 


Developmental Psychologist

Ashima is developmental psychologist.

Priyanka Mittal
Clinical Psychologist
Priyanka is a clinical psychologist.


Puneet Chityal
Admin Manager

Puneet holds a Masters degree from Symbiosis, Pune and more than 8 years of experience in diverse fields, including school administration as well as the software industry. He helps keep track of the various systems and processes at Children First, and ensures that things run smoothly for all of us. He has recently become a dad to an adorable little baby girl, and he enjoys family time, watch Hollywood movies, travel and a good laugh :)


Ashok Kumar
Front Desk & Appointments
Our very own man-Friday, Ashok manages pretty much all the nuts and bolts of the Children First daily machinery. Apart from running daily errands, he does pretty much everything, right from managing phone calls, to sorting out appointments and filing. In his own words, he says  “mein doctori ke alaava sab kuch kar sakta hoon!”
Sujata Chatterjee
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Sujata Chatterjee completed her M.Phil. at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in 2008. She does therapeutic work with children and adolescents of all ages, and with families. She has a keen interest in school mental health and clinical anxiety.

Sujata loves mountains, snow, birds, dogs, Harry Potter and other magical worlds and people. And dancing.

Front Desk & Appointments
With a rich & varied educational and professional background, with stints in fields like web design, travel & tourism, and shipping, Shalu handles the front office and administration at Children First. She loves  books and cooking.